Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cupcakes Cupcakes Cupcakes!

I can honestly say that I remember almost every birthday party I had while growing up. As a Moonchild, I'm lucky enough to celebrate my birthday in the heat of summer. This meant plenty of pool parties and backyard cookouts. One of my favorite traditions was the great 'Penny Hunt'. My parents would wrap over 100 pennies in aluminum foil, scatter them in the grass, then all the kids would hunt for them. When you're under the age of ten, this seemed like the greatest game of all time. Now, looking back, I realize we were damn fools! Call me crazy, but for some reason, looking for 100 pennies across 1.5 acres of lawn, while burning under the blazing summer sun, doesn't seem so entertaining.

These days, kids birthday parties have ballooned into huge extravaganzas. There's no need for penny hunting when there are things like laser tag, gymnastics parties, glow bowling, and even pony rides! This past weekend, my cousin's son celebrated his 4th birthday. With a Backyard Barnyard theme, the party featured a real petting zoo that came to the house! Miniature horses, goats, bunnies, and a goose. The joy on the kids faces was priceless, as they all got a ride on the pony.

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