Monday, June 17, 2013

Style Post #1

blazer: Target, shorts: Target, shoes: Nine West outlet, necklace: Charming Charlie, bracelet: BCBG from Macy's
When I transfered positions almost nine months ago, one of the biggest adjustments for me was learning to modify my work style. Previously, I had been working in a formal, structured corporate setting with dress code guidelines that were closely monitored. My wardrobe consisted of stiff pencil skirts, A-line dresses, and patent peep toe pumps. My new work environment is everything but formal! Jeans and t-shirts are the dress code of choice when it comes to the music business. Even on the professional management team, we try to keep our style cool and casual. It's been a welcomed changed and has greatly improved my mood at work since I'm free to be myself.

With no restrictions, I've been having a blast coming up with outfit ideas. I like to keep it semi-professional most of the time, wearing flowy dresses and wedges for summer, but this past week I was feeling a bit more relaxed. I came up with this blazer and shorts combo that I absolutely adore! Pairing denim shorts with the neutral colors of the blazer and tank, then adding a burst of color with my yellow necklace. There's nothing I love more than a bright pop of color!

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